Mental Health & Substance Abuse

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A Critical Component to Success

  • Mental health is the single most important area that must be addressed as it affects every part of a human being
  • Whether we look at our current levels of daily stressors, the increased occurrence of mental health concerns, or the psychological impact of poor health, we need to ensure that we focus on greater access to mental health services as a critical component of the overall health puzzle
  • Moreover, in the US today and around the world, there is an addiction problem – much of it focused on prescription opioids - this situation needs to be addressed at the very beginning of annual checkups
  • Whether or not you are a proponent of legalized drugs, the fact remains that there is overprescribing leading to emotional distress, lack of productivity and the degeneration of good health for the population
  • The optimum use of health care dollars can be better managed by integrating mental health with primary care

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